Century Microwave Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Century microwaves are popular in Nigerian homes as they cover a comprehensive range of functions to help users maximize the products to save time and money. They feature standard methods and materials to optimize performance.

This article will discuss the price range of the Century microwaves in Nigeria for people looking to join this reputable family of microwaves setting the pace for technological advancement.

century microwave price in nigeria

Prices Of Century Microwaves in Nigeria

Century microwave comes in different models, each featuring a wide range of functionalities and benefits to make cooking easier and more convenient. Below are the average starting prices of different models of the Century microwaves:

  • COV 8320-B 11L == from N30,000
  • CMV-20L-E with defrost function == from N55,000
  • CMV-23-C == from N45,000
  • Century Microwave 23L-A == from N49,500
  • OVEN COV 8320-A 20L == from N37,500
  • OVEN COV 8320-C 37L == from N80,000

It’s evident that the price of a century microwave oven depends on factors such as size, power output, and exciting features such as convection cooking or grilling. Century microwaves are known for their quality and longevity, making them a tremendous investment for your kitchen, even though they might not be the most affordable option.

Features and Benefits of Century Microwaves

Century microwave ovens have various features and advantages that make cooking more straightforward and practical. The following are some of the Century microwaves’ most typical features:

Multiple power settings: This feature lets you select the degree of power most appropriate for the food you are cooking, ensuring that it is prepared fully and uniformly.

Timer and clock: Most century microwaves also feature the Timer and Clock function, allowing users to set the cooking time and monitor the time left until the food is ready.

Auto Cook Programs: Many Century microwaves have built-in cooking programs that are pre-programmed for various food kinds, making it simple to quickly prepare your favorite dishes with the touch of a button.

Defrost feature: The Defrost feature is another exciting function in Century microwaves. With this function, you can quickly and conveniently thaw or defrost frozen food without waiting for it to thaw naturally.

The above are just the basic features found in Century microwaves. Depending on your chosen model, you can still find additional features such as rapid heating, grill function, Rotatable glass tray, and Echo Reflection Design.

How To Choose The Right Century Microwave 

Century brand produces a wide range of microwaves to cater to the different needs of consumers. With the wide range of options available, choosing the best for yourself may be challenging. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. When choosing a Century microwave, you must consider some significant factors that can help you make the right purchase. Below are some essential factors to consider:

Your Kitchen 

The first thing to consider is the Kitchen you want to fix your microwave. The kitchen should conveniently accommodate the microwave. It will help if you think about how you use your kitchen every day and what locations for the microwave would be most practical or inconvenient.

If you’re replacing an older microwave, ensure you choose a microwave with the same dimension so you won’t have problems with installation except in cases where your preferences have changed.

If you fancy aesthetics, consider the color and how well it will sync with other things in the kitchen. As such, It will be best to choose a microwave that matches the other stainless steel kitchen equipment if your kitchen has any.


Have you decided on the best location for your microwave in the kitchen?

If yes, the next step is to choose the right size for the microwave. Ask yourself how much space you’re willing to give up in your kitchen.

You might need to select a smaller size or a countertop microwave if your counter area isn’t wide enough. However, if you have sufficient space or want to cook for a large family size, choosing a bigger model may be an ideal choice.


Wattage is equivalent to power in microwaves. The higher the microwave watt, the faster and better it will cook. 700-watt or less microwaves are sluggish and might not cook food evenly. A 1000-watt is an excellent benchmark as this power cooks food swiftly and effectively.

Generally speaking, cooking times decrease with increasing power. If you’re attempting to stick to a budget, note that microwaves with higher wattages frequently have higher prices.


Different models of microwaves come with varying features. Beyond the standard features, additional ones such as grilling, convection cooking, and automatic cooking programs can also be essential considerations.

Your preference determines how useful pre-programmed settings are for you. Look for a model with many pre-programmed settings that include what you will most likely use in your microwave.

Consider these factors before choosing a Century microwave, and you’ll certainly pick the right choice.