Russell Hobbs Microwave Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Russell Hobbs produces stylish and easy-to-use microwaves with an excellent warranty. They are high-performance, and the instructions are easy to follow, making them one of the staples in Nigerian kitchens.

If you want to buy a Russell Hobbs microwave, get in here. This article will discuss the price range of different Russell Hobbs microwaves and provide a helpful buying guide.

russell hobbs microwave price in nigeria

Prices of Russell Hobbs Microwaves in Nigeria 

Russell Hobbs microwaves cater to a diverse range of budgets and preferences. They are available in different models, capacities, and features, and the prices vary accordingly. Below are the price ranges of Russell Hobbs microwaves in Nigeria:

  • Russell Hobbs 17L Microwave Oven == from N45,000
  • 17l Russell Hobbs Compact Black Digital Microwave Oven == from N51,500 
  • 19L Russell Hobbs Elegant Easi Flatbed Digital Solo Microwave Oven == from N60,000 
  • 20L Russell Hobbs Digital Microwave Oven With Grill == from N75,000 
  • 23L Russell Hobbs Compact Digital Microwave == from N105,000
  • Russell Hobbs 30 Litre RHM3002 == from N143,000

As seen above, the price range varies depending on the capacity, model, and features. It’s essential to consider your budget and needs when selecting a microwave that aligns with your preferences. However, the price ranges above are just estimates and can vary depending on the purchase location and retailer. 

We advise buying your Russell Hobbs microwaves from licensed merchants or reliable online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, and AliExpress to have a legitimate and satisfying purchasing experience. These sites are reputable and offer authentic goods with excellent.

About the Russell Hobbs Brand

Russell Hobbs is one of the reputable manufacturers of kitchen appliances in Nigeria. The company has established a solid reputation for its dedication to quality, creativity, and style throughout its lengthy existence, which spans more than 65 years. Kettles, toasters, coffee machines, and, of course, microwaves are just a few of the numerous devices Russell Hobbs sells.

Russell Hobbs is unique among microwave manufacturers in that it is committed to satisfying the changing requirements of contemporary households. Their microwaves improve your cooking experience by fusing practicality, ease of use, and modern design.

Russell Hobbs microwaves deliver effective and dependable performance, whether reheating leftovers, defrosting ingredients, or whipping up a quick meal.

Numerous features on Russell Hobbs microwaves are designed to make cooking easier and more efficient. These microwaves offer a range of capabilities to meet different cooking needs, from simple control panels and pre-programmed cooking menus to multi-stage cooking and express functions. 

Modern technology has been incorporated into the brand’s microwave models, demonstrating its dedication to innovation. For instance, sensor cooking enables the microwave to recognize the amount of moisture and humidity in the food, automatically altering the cooking time and power to get the best outcomes.

By doing this, you may be confident that your food is prepared accurately and thoroughly. Additionally, they prioritize safety features like child lock systems and lock door mechanisms.

Why Should You Choose The Russell Hobbs Microwave? 

When choosing a microwave, Russell Hobbs offers several compelling reasons why their microwaves stand out. Let’s discuss some benefits of choosing a Russell Hobbs microwave over other alternatives.

1. Quality and Reliability 

With Russell Hobbs, you’re guaranteed reliable products. The brand has a rich history, spanning more than 65 years of providing high-quality appliances for consumers. When you buy a Russell Hobbs microwave, you have confidence in superior performance and craftsmanship.

2. Innovative Features 

The cutting-edge technologies found on Russell Hobbs microwaves are intended to improve your cooking experience. These features offer simplicity and variety in the kitchen, from sensor cooking technology that automatically adjusts cooking time and power to get the best results to multi-stage cooking that lets you program multiple cooking stages simultaneously.

They also include intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces. Operating the microwave is simple thanks to the clear labeling, snappy buttons or touchpads, and simple-to-follow menus. The simple functioning of Russell Hobbs microwaves makes cooking easier.

3. Stylish Design 

Russell Hobbs microwaves are renowned for their slick, contemporary looks. They are beautiful, ensuring that they work well and improve the appearance of your kitchen as a whole. They elevate your kitchen with stainless steel finishes, glass doors, and simple control panels. 

4. Excellent Customer Services 

Perhaps the most important benefit of choosing Russell Hobbs is the brand’s excellent customer service. They are dedicated to providing top-notch client service.

They provide accessible customer support channels to help you with any queries, worries, or problems with your microwave. This makes sure you have the assistance you require throughout your ownership experience.