Scanfrost Microwave Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Beyond popular home appliances such as refrigerators and deep freezers, the Scanfrost brand also has a good collection of microwaves, which contains some of the best in the market. 

The catalog comprises Microwaves of varying sizes and sophistication. This article will discuss the prices of different models of Scanfrost microwave in Nigeria. Ultimately, you can decide which fits your budget and needs.

scanfrost microwave price in nigeria

Prices of Scanfrost Microwaves in Nigeria

Scanfrost produces various microwave waves, each with specific characteristics and features. As such, the prices vary accordingly. While some are basic ovens, others, which are generally more expensive, contain innovative technologies. 

Below are the average starting prices of Scanfrost microwaves in Nigeria:

  • Scanfrost SF17 Solo Microwave Oven == from  ₦20,000
  • Scanfrost Oven — SF 20 == from ₦45,000
  • Scanfrost SF20-WMG Grill Microwave Oven == from ₦55,900
  • Scanfrost SF23-BW Grill Microwave Oven == from ₦73,990
  • Scanfrost SF 34 == from ₦95,000
  • Scanfrost SF20M == from ₦90,000
  • Scanfrost SF30-SS Grill Microwave Oven == from ₦94,990

The prices of these microwaves vary based on the specifications and characteristics. Other factors that can influence the costs include the location of purchase, retailer, and economic situations such as inflation.

Hence, the prices are estimates and not fixed. The range can fluctuate based on the factors above. Ensure you consider these factors and review the current prices before buying your microwave.

Benefits of Buying Scanfrost Microwaves 

Scanfrost is one of the leading brands producing high-quality home appliances and electronics. Choosing a Scanfrost microwave comes with incredible benefits and perks. Some significant benefits are explained as follows:

Durability and Quality 

With Scanfrost, one thing is guaranteed: Quality. The microwaves are built with premium materials that offer extreme durability and longevity. They are renowned for their superior build quality and durability thanks to these materials that can withstand everyday use. As such, they last long and ensure your investment is worth every penny.

Advanced Technology 

Scanfrost is one brand that prioritizes innovative technology in designing its products. The company builds its microwaves with the newest technological innovations, offering appealing features that boost cooking effectiveness. These microwaves are outfitted with cutting-edge features such as quick-start options and auto-defrost settings to make cooking easier.

Wide Range of Options 

You can select the microwave model that best meets your needs from a vast selection offered by Scanfrost. The collection comprises different models, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a tiny kitchen microwave or a large-capacity microwave for a family, Scanfrost gets something for you.

Design and Aesthetics 

Scanfrost uses premium materials to develop its products and clothing them in sleek and modern designs. The products boast impressive aesthetics that will complement your kitchen decor irrespective of the model you choose. 

Excellent Customer Services 

Scanfrost prioritizes its customers and avails excellent customer services to cater to inquiries and complaints. The brand has a strong presence in Nigeria, and they provide reliable after-sales support and customer service. As such, you can reach out to them in case of any issues or inquiries regarding your microwave.

How To Choose The Best Scanfrost Microwave?

Since Scanfrost produces a wide range of microwave options, it could be challenging to pick the best one for yourself. Each model has distinct characteristics and features and caters to a specific target audience. 

If you want to choose the best option for yourself, it’s crucial to review your cooking needs and wants. Selecting the best Scanfrost microwave for your needs will depend on how well you understand your culinary needs and your financial situation.

It’s crucial to consider things like the desired capacity, power, and wattage standards, available options like preset cooking programs and timers, energy efficiency ratings, and warranty coverage when buying a Scanfrost microwave. 

To evaluate the effectiveness, dependability, and user contentment of a microwave model, you can also check previous customer reviews and ratings. Making a judgment based on this can offer insightful information.

Summarily, to choose the best Scanfrost microwave model for yourself, you should seek to provide answers to these questions:

  • What is my budget, and which Scanfrost models are in that price range?
  • How much kitchen space do I need to prepare my usual meals?
  • Are there any particular characteristics or capabilities necessary for my cooking tastes and style?
  • How much room do I have in my kitchen, and can the microwave fit without any problems?
  • How significant are the microwave’s strength and construction?
  • Do I need modern features like sensor technology or convection cooking?
  • Have I examined and contrasted client testimonials to learn more about the dependability and performance of Scanfrost microwaves?

When you consider and correctly answer these questions, you may reduce your selections and make an informed choice when buying a Scanfrost microwave.