Aeon Washing Machine Price in Nigeria (March 2024)

While Aeon may not be a household name in the house appliance and electronics industry, the brand produces a range of innovative washing machines that help simplify laundry care. 

The brand is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a quality washing machine in Nigeria. So in this guide, we’ll discuss the prices of Aeon washing machines in Nigeria.

aeon washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Aeon Washing Machines in Nigeria 

Aeon stands out as one of the reputable and reliable brands offering a broad range of washing machine models to suit different needs and budgets. Below is the price of different models of Aeon washing machine in Nigeria: 

  • Aeon 7KG Twin Tub washing machine  WASH/SPIN/DRAIN == from ₦124,500
  • Aeon 10KG Twin Tub washing machine-WASH/SPIN/DRAIN == from ₦149,600
  • Aeon Twin Tub Washing Machine- 7kg Wash- 6kg Spin/drain == from ₦169,999
  • Aeon 10KG Twin Tub washing machine-WASH/SPIN/DRAIN == from ₦162,000

Please note that the cost of an Aeon washing machine is not fixed and can vary depending on the size, model, features, and functionalities. For instance, advanced versions with larger capacities and cutting-edge technologies may have a higher price tag than entry-level devices with simple features.

To select a washing machine that meets your demands and is within your price range, it is critical to establish your budget and consider the features you need.

It would help if you considered factors such as energy efficiency, build quality, wash programs, and, most notably, the capacity so you can make informed decisions and choose the ideal type for your household.

If you want the best possible price deal, we advise you to check with any reputable retailer or popular online marketplaces such as Jumia, Konga, and Amazon. However, ensure you prioritize any ongoing discounts and promotions to save costs.

Features and Benefits of Aeon Washing Machines

Aeon washing machines are renowned for their reliability and effectiveness. They are a popular option for those on a tight budget because they are also reasonably priced. Specifically, below are some features of Aeon washing machines:

Twin Tub Design 

Aeon washing machines feature the unique Twin Tub design indicating they have two separate tubs. One of the tubs is for washing, while the other is for spinning. This design is special because it has several advantages over the conventional single-tub design.

You can wash and spin your clothing separately thanks to this design. It’s most handy if you have delicate clothing that you don’t want to spin or if you have a lot of laundry to do and don’t want to wait for the spinning cycle to finish before beginning the next load.

Furthermore, compared to a conventional washing machine, the dual tub design uses less water and energy because both the washing tub and the spinning tub only need to be filled with just enough water to wash and spin the garments, respectively. Also, the dual tub design is simpler to clean since the tubs have no agitator, which can be challenging to clean.

Premium Materials Construction

Aeon washing machines are made with superior materials and components, such as stainless steel drums and durable pumps that boast extreme durability and longevity. As such, buyers can enjoy good value for money. 

Multiple wash cycles and features

To suit your needs, Aeon washing machines provide a selection of wash cycles and functions. You can select from the different processes for various fabric categories, including towels, delicates, and bedding. Also, you have multiple options, including pre-wash, soak, and steam.

Furthermore, you can modify the settings to suit your requirements. The water temperature, the cycle length, and the spin speed are all customizable, enabling you to achieve the ideal wash for every laundry load.

About the Aeon Brand

Aeon is a reputable company that produces household goods, notably washing machines. While it’s not a top-of-the-range brand such as Samsung, LG, and Huawei, it also has a good track record of producing dependable products.

Aeon is a Japanese retail company founded in 1970. It provides a variety of home appliances, including washing machines, to meet customers’ needs, emphasizing cutting-edge technology and user-friendly designs.

Aeon washing machines use the twin tub design, meaning that the machines have two separate tubs, one for washing and one for spinning. These washing machines are available in different sizes, with capacities ranging from 7 kg to 10kg.

The materials and components used to construct Aeon washing machines are of the highest caliber. They are moreover made to be energy-efficient, enabling you to reduce your utility costs. Pre-wash choices, multiple wash cycles, and kid safety locks are just a few of the features that Aeon washing machines provide. To suit your unique demands, they also offer a choice of settings that you can alter.