Akai Washing Machine Price in Nigeria (March 2024)

Technology has changed every facet of human life and continues to improve it. Doing your laundry doesn’t have to be stressful and long any more. Washing machines are available to ease your stress and improve your hygiene.

Akai washing machines are some of the best options in Nigeria. Follow along as we reveal the prices of the different models and help you make informed decisions.

akai washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Akai Washing Machines in Nigeria

Akai washing machines come in different types and models. Whether you want a front or top loader, there’s a wide range of options, each with unique features. 

However, the prices range according to the model and features included. Below are the average starting prices of different models of Akai washing machines:

  • Akai 4.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine With Spinning == from ₦65,900
  • Akai 5.5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine With Spinning Feature == from ₦73,000
  • Akai 7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine With Spinning Feature == from ₦107,000
  • Akai 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine With Spinning Feature == from ₦162,000
  • Akai Front Load Washing Machine 7kg == from  ₦249,999
  • Akai Front Load Washing Machine 8kg == from ₦299,999
  • Akai Front Load Washing Machine 10kg == from  ₦349,999
  • Akai Top Load Washing Machine 11 kg Twin tub == from ₦160,000 
  • Akai 12 kg Automatic Washing Machine == from ₦296,000

Note that these prices are not fixed and, as such, are subject to changes depending on certain factors. Some factors that influence the prices include retailer, inflation, and the location you buy it.

For instance, buying in big cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt will be costlier compared to smaller cities and towns because of the high cost of living. Also, the inflation level of the country can influence the price drastically.

Benefits Of Choosing Akai 

Generally, numerous brands in Nigeria produce a wide range of washing machines, so it could be challenging to choose the ideal option. However, Akai has proven to be one of the best options in the market. The brand has an excellent record of producing dependable and affordable home appliances.

What are the benefits of choosing an Akai washing machine? Follow along as we demystify why you should choose Akai.

Quality and Reliability 

Delivering dependable and high-quality appliances has become a hallmark of Akai. They have long-lasting washing machines that will run smoothly for many years.

When you buy an Akai washing machine, you’re sure to use it for an extended period without needing to buy another one, thereby saving money. Generally, Akai products provide excellent value for money.

Innovative Features 

Akai is one of the brands that embrace the use of innovative technology. The brand is a forerunner of advanced technological features, as seen in its product. Multiple cutting-edge features are available on Akai washing machines to improve your laundry experience.

The brand offers advanced options for effective and efficient laundry care, including innovative wash programs and cutting-edge technology that conserve water and energy.

Sleek and User-Friendly Design 

The ergonomic designs, simple controls, and clear displays in Akai washing machines are all geared toward maximizing user comfort. You may easily navigate through the settings, ensuring convenience of use. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you’ll comfortably operate an Akai washing machine. 

Value for Money 

As discussed earlier, Akai washing machines are designed to last long. They boast extreme durability and longevity, thus, providing good value for money. Also, Akai washing machines deliver exceptional value for money by balancing cost and effectiveness. The brand offers practical answers to your laundry demands with reasonable rates and various features.

Factors to Consider Before Buying An Akai Washing Machine 

Akai offers a wide range of washing machine models. Each feature has unique characteristics and traits. How do you choose the ideal one for yourself?

It’s pretty simple. Let’s help you decide. Below are crucial factors to consider before choosing the ideal Akai washing machine for yourself 


Since there are different capacities of washing machines, you must consider the size of your household and your washing needs. If you have smaller homes, you can choose a compact model. Converse, larger families may find that a washing machine with a higher capacity is more valuable.

Wash Programs and Functions 

Each model may have varying wash programs and features. Examine your desired washing machine’s features and wash programs to ensure it fits your taste. Look for options like a rapid wash, delicate cycle, heavy-duty wash, and adjustable settings to ensure adaptability and efficient cleaning for many materials and clothes.

Spin Speed

Higher spin rates assure faster drying of clothing. For maximum drying effectiveness and to suit different fabric types, look for washing machines with customizable spin speeds.