Bruhm Washing Machine Price in Nigeria (2024)

Bruhm washing machines are appliances you can trust to help wash your clothes thoroughly cleaned without trouble. There’s a peace of mind that caresses you when you load your clothes inside the machine drum, and within a few minutes, they are all cleaned.

Bruhm washing machines are some of the machines that have proven their mettle. This article will discuss the price range of different Bruhm washing machines in Nigeria and give a comprehensive buying guide.

bruhm washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Bruhm Washing Machines in Nigeria

Bruhm washing machines come in various options at varying price points, making them accessible to a wide range of customers in Nigeria. Below is the average starting prices of Bruhm washing machine in Nigeria:

  • Bruhm Washing Machine Automatic  8 Kgs White == from ₦117,200
  • Bruhm Washing Machine Automatic 8 Kgs 2023 New == from ₦117,200
  • Bruhm Washing Machine Automatic 12 Kgs White == from ₦175,200
  • Bruhm Washing Machine Automatic 12 Kgs 2023 New == from ₦175,200
  • Bruhm Washing Machine SEMI AUTOMATIC 8 Kgs Top Loader == from ₦94,200
  • Bruhm Washing Machine SEMI AUTOMATIC 12 Kgs Top Loader == from ₦134,200

Disclaimer: The market prices may differ depending on the economic factor, retailer, location, and any ongoing discounts or promotions you get. We highly recommend checking online platforms or local stores for current and most accurate pricing information.

It’s critical to weigh the features and specifications provided by each model when comparing Bruhm washing machine prices. The features, capacities, and energy efficiency of more expensive models are frequently better. However, you may still get Bruhm washing machines with respectable performance and dependability if you have a modest budget.

Where To Buy Bruhm Washers in Nigeria

You’re almost spoiled with choices of where to shop for a Bruhm washing machine, depending on your location. Below are some popular options to try to get a decent deal:

E-commerce Sites 

E-commerce sites or online marketplaces are easy and convenient ways of getting a Bruhm washing machine at an affordable price. You can browse the catalog and buy from the comfort of your home. Popular options include Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and Kara. 

Interestingly, You can select from various models and capacities while comparing costs and reading customer reviews. However, ensure you choose reputable merchants with favorable ratings and reviews.

Authorized Dealers 

Authorized dealers are great options for getting genuine Bruhm washing machines without stress. In Nigeria, Bruhm has authorized dealers, which you can get a list on the company’s official website or by contacting customer support. While these dealers provide genuine Bruhm products for purchase, you can also get an enticing warranty and after-sales support.

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets 

Supermarkets such as Shoprite, Spar, Game, and Park n Shop also stock a good collection of home appliances, including washing machines. You can get the dedicated electronics section for Bruhm washings at your convenience and get a sweet deal.

Electronics Retail Stores 

These retail establishments concentrate on selling electronics and home appliances and frequently feature a department just for washing machines. Some of the best options include LG Brand Shop, Samsung Brand Shop, Fouani Nigeria Limited, and Cool World Electrical Retail Stores.

To view the various Bruhm models on display, get assistance, and make a purchase, go to their physical stores. The benefit of purchasing things from retail establishments is that you may view them in person and receive advice from salespeople.

About the Bruhm Brand

When Chinese investors bought the German-based Bruhm Electronic Company, they moved the business to China, with Beijing serving as the corporate headquarters. All around Africa, they offer high-quality home solutions.

Their selection of products has something for every African household, including washing machines, refrigerators, chest freezers, gas burners, water dispensers, and microwave ovens. They distribute across African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Angola, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Uganda.

Bruhm washing machines have gained popularity among Nigerian homes due to their focus on price and functionality. You can always rely on them to provide the right solution at the right price because they have a large selection.

Why You Should Choose Bruhm 

Households in Nigeria are increasingly choosing Bruhm washing machines. They provide efficient and effective means of washing laundry with convenience. The features that distinguish Bruhm washing machines are as follows:


As with most top brands, BRÜHM’s quality rests on advanced sound technology. Year after year, top-of-class engineers and scientists keep upgrading the technology behind the brand to ensure that consumers are given the highest quality products at affordable prices. 

Wide Range Of Products 

Bruhm has a wide range of washing machine products to cater to varying demands and needs. Depending on what you prioritize, you can choose a Bruhm washing machine that suits you.


With a focus on cost and practicality, the well-known company Bruhm offers a variety of home equipment, including washing machines. The brand’s outstanding quality is attested to by customers who have been using BRÜHM items for more than ten years.