Nexus Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

While it may not be famous like high-end brands such as Samsung and Hisense, Nexus is also one of the best washing machine brands in Nigeria. The brand is renowned for consistently producing high-performance machines with extreme quality and durability.

This article will look at the Nexus washing machines now offered in Nigeria and how much they cost on the market.

nexus washing machine prices in nigeria

Prices Of Nexus Washing Machine In Nigeria 

When you get to the point of purchase, you’ll notice that, like many other top brands, Nexus has a wide range of washing machine models, each varying in size and features. 

As such, the prices vary accordingly. Below is the average starting prices of popular models of Nexus washing machine in Nigeria:

  • Nexus 5.5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine – NX-WM-5SA == from N80,000
  • Nexus Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (Spin/Drain) == from N85,000
  • Nexus 6.5kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine – NX-WM-65SA == from N170,000
  • Nexus 7kg Front Loading Automatic Washing Machine (NX-WM-FL07S10E1) == from N192,000
  • Nexus 8.5KG Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine == from N210,000
  • Nexus 10KG Twin Tub Washing Machine == from N250,000

The list above includes the most popular and widely available models that can be purchased in Nigeria right now. At the same time, it does not explicitly emphasize the pricing of all Nexus washing machine brands.

Also, note that the prices are mainly estimated but reflect what has been observed in the market recently. It is still essential for prospective consumers to confirm the actual cost of the products before purchasing. We recommend checking with local retailers or online platforms to get the most accurate and updated pricing information when you want to buy.

The area and time of the purchase, as well as the currency exchange rate at the time of the transaction, are some factors that contribute to the fluctuation in the prices indicated above. 

Keep in mind that buying from trustworthy stores or authorized dealers confirms the product’s authenticity and may also include warranty coverage. Additionally, keep an eye out for any continuing discounts, savings, or package deals that can increase the value of your purchase.

Best features of Nexus washing machines 

Nexus washing machines come with various features that enhance their functionality and convenience. Here are some of the best features you can expect from a Bruhm washing machine:

Multiple Wash Programs 

Nexus washing machines offer various wash programs to suit different fabric types and laundry needs. These programs include options like Quick Wash, Delicate, Heavy Duty, Normal, and more. Having multiple wash programs allows you to choose the most appropriate setting for your specific laundry requirements.

Large Capacity 

You can wash big loads of clothes in one cycle thanks to the enormous drum capacities included in several Nexus washing machine models. This helps families or individuals who need to do a lot of laundry because it cuts down on the loads and saves time and energy.

Quick Wash Function 

The Quick Wash feature in Nexus washing machines is ideal for when you need to wash a small load of lightly soiled clothes in a short amount of time. This feature reduces the wash cycle duration without compromising on cleaning performance, providing clean clothes in a fraction of the time.

Delay Start Option 

The delay start feature allows you to set a specific time for the washing machine to start the cycle. This is useful if you want to take advantage of off-peak electricity hours or want the engine to start washing at a convenient time, such as when you’re away from home.

Quiet Operation 

The quiet operation of Nexus washing machines reduces the noise levels during the wash and spin cycles. If your home has an open floor plan or you like a calm laundry experience without interruptions, this is very advantageous.

Alternatives Brand To Patronize 

Apart from Nexus, there are several other washing machine brands in Nigeria that you can consider to get the best value for money. These brands also produce several versions with various features and pricing ranges available. Below are a few substitute brands to consider when looking for alternatives:

  • LG 
  • Samsung 
  • Hisense 
  • Century 
  • Scanfrost 
  • Haier Thermocool 

It’s critical to evaluate features, specifications, prices, and user ratings when considering competing brands. To select the brand that best suits your demands, assess your unique laundry needs, your spending limit, and your tastes. Additionally, buy from reputed merchants or licensed dealers to guarantee product authenticity and gain access to warranty and post-sale support.

You can discover a washing machine that meets your needs and offers dependable performance for your laundry activities by investigating these alternative brands.