Polystar Washing Machines Prices in Nigeria (2024)

While Polystar might not be a household name in Nigeria regarding home appliances, the brand range of washing machines is excellent and incredible. The washers are known for their reliability and affordability, and most customers have a satisfactory experience.

This article will discuss the prices of Polystar washing machines in Nigeria and give other details such as where to shop, features to consider, and alternative brands.

polystar washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Polystar Washing Machines in Nigeria 

The brand offers a range of washing machine models to suit different budgets and laundry needs. You can get different types ranging from top-loading to front-loading and semi-automatic machines. Below are the average starting prices of some popular models of Polystar washing machines:

  • Polystar 4.5kg manual washing machine: ₦52,750
  • Polystar 5kg manual washing machine: ₦65,500
  • Polystar 7kg manual washing machine: ₦111,290
  • Polystar 9kg inverter front loading washing machine: ₦315,500

The cost of a washing machine is never set in Nigeria because it relies on many variables. Please note that these prices could fluctuate depending on the merchant, location, time, and point of sale. The price is also significantly influenced by the nation’s economic position. Therefore we advise using the price range as a reference rather than relying heavily on it.

For the most current pricing details, we suggest visiting well-known e-commerce sites and local retail shops.

The cost of a Polystar washing machine must also be compared to the features and specifications that each model offers. Considerations including washing capacity, wash programs, energy efficiency, durability, and added functionality would be beneficial. By contrasting the costs and features of several models, you can select the Polystar washing machine that best suits your requirements and price range.

Where To Buy Polystar Washers in Nigeria

Polystar washing machines are widely available for purchase in Nigeria. You can buy from authorized dealers and distributors nationwide. If you’re unsure of the nearest dealer in your city, you can visit the brand’s official website or consult the customer support system.

Other places you can also get Polystar washing machines in Nigeria include online marketplace (Jumia, Konga, Kara, and Amazon), supermarkets, electronic stores, and reputable retail stores. Ensure you buy from these reputable sources to get genuine products and enjoy after-sales benefits and warranty coverage. 

Furthermore, It’s crucial to consider costs, warranty, after-sales support, and user reviews when buying a Polystar washing machine. To find the best price, compare prices offered by several sellers. When making an online purchase, consider the ease of delivery or pick-up choices. Many platforms offer free delivery or have pick-up locations spread around to make it easier for you to get your products.

Lastly, always do your research, read product descriptions and specifications, and consider customer feedback to make an informed decision.

Features To Prioritize When Buying Polystar Washing Machine 

Polystar washing machines generally have excellent features that make washing and cleaning sessions comfortable and stress-free. To get the best value for money, you must prioritize significant features as follows:

Wash Program Settings 

Since you probably have different types of cloth fabrics, it’s also wise to ensure your washing machine have various wash programs that cater to a wide range of cloth types and laundry needs. Ensure your ideal washing machine has a variety of wash programs so you can customize your washing cycle based on the kind of fabrics.


Capacity signifies the load the machine can carry at a particular time. The capacities of Polystar washing machines range from small, suited for single people or small families, to large, suitable for larger households. Choose a capacity that will hold your typical load of laundry without overtaxing the machine.

Spin Speed 

Spin speed determines how fast the drum rotates when spinning. If the spin speed is high, the machine will remove water more quickly, thus reducing drying time. Polystar machines usually come in different spin speed options, meaning you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Energy Efficiency 

Because Polystar washing machines are made to be energy-efficient, you can lower your energy costs while lowering your environmental effect. Ensure you choose a machine with high energy efficiency ratings, such as those that have earned the Energy Star label.

Water Efficiency 

Lastly, ensure you prioritize the washing machine’s water efficiency as it affects both the environment and your water costs. Look for machines with adjustable water levels and load sensors to reduce the water they use. These characteristics ensure that the machine only uses as much water as is required for each load, minimizing waste.