Scanfrost Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Scanfrost is a leading manufacturer of domestic electronic gadgets, particularly those with practical uses. The brand has many products, including refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, air conditioners, and washing machines. 

The large selection of washing machines allows you to locate the ideal appliance to suit your demands. If you’re considering investing in a washing machine that will give you value for one, Scanfrost is a brand to choose. 

We’ll offer the most current pricing for Scanfrost electronic washers in the Nigerian electronic market in this article.

scanfrost washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Scanfrost Washing Machines in Nigeria 

Scanfrost offers washing machines in different styles and capacities. The collection ranges from top loaders to front loaders and semi-automatic machines. Below are the average starting prices of popular models of the Scanfrost machines:

  • Scanfrost 6Kg Top load Washing Machine SFWMTLZK == from N108,900.00
  • Scanfrost 8kg Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine == from N112,700.00
  • Scanfrost Front Load 8KG Washing Machine – SFWMFL-8001 == from N239,900.00
  • Scanfrost Front Load Cloth Dryer 6KG – SFD6000 == from N192,900.00
  • Scanfrost Front Loader Washing Machine 7KG SFWMFL7001 == from N219,900.00
  • Scanfrost Washing Machine Top Load Automatic 8Kg – SFWMTLYK == from N160,900.00
  • Scanfrost 6KG Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine == from N147,000

The collection above shows that Scanfrost makes washing machines with varying sizes from 6kg, ideal for smaller familiar to 12kg, large enough for a large family or industrial use, thus determining the prices accordingly. 

However, note that the prices above are estimates derived from present market conditions. Hence, these prices are not fixed and can fluctuate depending on future economic situations. Also, factors such as location and time of purchase greatly influence these prices. 

So, we advise you to check the latest and updated prices from authorized dealers or online e-commerce sites when you’re ready to buy.

Where To Buy Scanfrost Washing Machines in Nigeria 

Thanks to their brand’s popularity, you can buy Scanfrost washing machines from any place as they are available nationwide. You can buy Scanfrost washing from Scanfrost Showrooms. Scanfrost has showrooms in Nigeria’s major cities.

These showrooms are designated locations where Scanfrost appliances, including washing machines, can be seen and purchased. They give you practical experience that enables you to investigate several models, pose inquiries, and come to a well-informed conclusion.

Other places to get Scanfrost washing machines include retail stores, online marketplaces, and authorized dealers. 

It’s crucial to ensure you’re getting a Scanfrost washing machine from reputable retailers. This ensures the product’s legitimacy and provides access to after-sales assistance and warranty protection. Avoid buying from unlicensed vendors or products that aren’t authentic because they might not offer the same level of service and quality.

Types and Features of Scanfrost Washing Machines 

Scanfrost washing machines have incredible features that make them one of the most most highly-coveted washers.

Each type features distinctive characteristics that separate them from others. Let’s discuss the different attributes of Scanfrost washing machines based on their types:

Scanfrost Semi-automatic Washing Machines 

These machines provide a convenient and efficient way to handle your laundry while offering manual control over the washing process.

These machines feature a dual tub design with separate compartments for washing and spinning, allowing you to wash and rinse your clothes in one tub and then transfer them to the spinning tub for drying, thereby saving time and effort.

The manual control means more flexibility over the washing process. You can adjust the water level, select the wash program, and set the wash and spin durations according to your preferences.

This manual control allows you to customize the washing experience based on the fabric type, level of dirt, and personal preferences. Some Scanfrost semi-automatic washing machines include SFWMTT 8, SFWMTT 10, and SFWMTT 12.

Scanfrost Top Loading Washing Machines

These fully automatic top loaders are nearly identical to their front-loading counterparts in bells and whistles.

Scanfrost top-loading washing machines have a practical top-loading design that lets you load and unload clothing from the top of the appliance. With this design, you can do your laundry without bending over, which is better for your back and less strenuous.

Scanfrost top-loading washing machines include SFWMTLYK, SFWMTL6, SFWMTL19, SFAW1600, and SFWMTLXK.

Scanfrost Front Loading Washing Machines 

Scanfrost front-loading washer is the best option if you detest doing laundry from the top. Although they have smaller loading capabilities than the top loaders we previously discussed, washers in this category would let you do it from the front. 

The space-saving design of Scanfrost front-loading washing machines lets you stack them with a suitable dryer or put them side by side, making the most of your laundry room. Homes with little space will benefit the most from this design.