Hisense Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Hisense is synonymous with quality and excellence in the home appliances industry. When you hear Hisense, you know it’s also about quality products with extreme durability. This reputation is evident in all their products, including washing machines, thus making them one of the best options in Nigeria.

This article will discuss the pricing information and dependable buying guide for Hisense washing machines in Nigeria, helping you make an informed decision.

hisense washing machine price in nigeria

Prices of Hisense Washing Machines in Nigeria 

There are numerous Hisense washing machines on the market in Nigeria right now. Here are some of the most popular Hisense washing machine models now on the market in the nation, along with their price tags:

  • Hisense 5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine == from N92,500
  • Hisense 7.5kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine == from N115,000
  • Hisense 8kg Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine == from N164,000
  • Hisense 10.5kg Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine == from N200,800
  • Hisense 13kg Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine == from N256,100
  • Hisense 5kg Top Loader Washing Machine == from N92,500
  • Hisense Wash and Dry 10KG == from N369,200
  • Hisense Washing Machine 8012S Front Loader 8KG == from N269,000
  • Hisense Washing Machine 6012S Front Loader 6KG == from N229,000
  • Hisense Washing Machine Automatic Top Load 16KG == from N329,000
  • Hisense Washing Machine 6KG Front Load – WM 6010 == from N229,000

The main differences between the various washing machine models are their sizes and modes of operation. Some are automated, while others are only semi-automated. Generally, the bigger ones are pricier.

However, much of the variation in the price tag is due to specific factors. The site of purchase, the time of purchase, and—most significantly—the exchange rate of the local currency at the time of sale are some of the factors that affect the variations in the costs indicated above. You can check popular e-commerce sites or consult authorized dealers to get the current pricing information when you’re ready to buy.

However, compare and contrast prices from different merchants before buying to get the best deal possible. 

Where To Buy Hisense Washers in Nigeria 

When it comes to shopping for Hisense washing machines in Nigeria, several options are available. It’s a famous brand that needs no introduction, so the products as they are readily available in Nigeria.

You can buy directly from national brand manufacturers or regional wholesalers nationwide. You’ll find the products now at modern retail stores and online gadget stores. Popular e-commerce sites and supermarkets also have them in stock in large quantities.

We advise you to buy from licensed dealers or reputed shops to assure product authenticity and availability of after-sales service. Additionally, consider warranty coverage, client testimonials, and customer support to ensure a stress-free purchase.

What To Look Out For In Hisense Washing Machine 

Hisense washing machines come with plenty of features that enhance efficient and effective cleaning sessions, thus making them highly coveted. If you want to buy a Hisense washing machine, below are some features to look out for:

Washing Programs 

Washing programs and available customization help you have a comfortable washing session. Look for a  washer that offers a variety of washing programs to cater to different fabric types and soil levels. Normal, delicate, heavy-duty, quick-wash, and eco-friendly modes are standard programs.

Additionally, see if the machine enables you to adjust settings like water level, temperature, spin speed, and length to fit your tastes or laundry needs.

Energy Efficiency

Using energy-efficient washing machines not only helps the environment but also lowers your long-term power costs. Be on the lookout for machines with excellent energy efficiency ratings, such as those with the Energy Star label. These machines are built to use less water and electricity without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness,

Spin Speed

How well a washing machine can remove water from the laundry during the spin cycle depends on how quickly it spins. Faster drying periods and less moisture remaining in the clothing result from higher spin speeds. To accommodate various fabric kinds and laundry loads, look for models with adjustable spin speeds.

Noise Level 

One of the complaints about Hisense washing machines is the high noise level. So, think carefully about the washing machine’s noise level, primarily if it will be situated close to bedrooms or living spaces.

For models with quieter operation, look for those with noise-canceling features or low decibel ratings. This is especially crucial if your living area is limited or you frequently use the machine at night.

Water Efficiency

Another crucial factor to take into account is water efficiency. This factor is vital if you live in an area where water shortage is an issue. Depending on the size of the load, features like automatic load sensing or adjustable water levels are desirable in washing machines. These functions can assist in reducing water usage.

You can choose a washing machine that suits your laundry demands, lifestyle, and budget by prioritizing these factors when making your choice.